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Welcome to this website, and thank you for reading my first blog post on this site! It is going to be short! I am so excited to be finally following a leading that I have had for years that we as human beings DO NOT need to be confused. The Bible has answers to everything…(dont run now…lol) but it does, contrary to what it might seem, it has all the answers, and it captures the MOST LOVING GOD and FATHER. I am simply excited that He has chosen me to put these messages in print on some GORGEOUS T shirts, and we will be rolling out Tshirts with a message themed approach from time to time. It will vary from LOVE to FAITH to PURPOSE, you name it, the Bible has an answer, and we are going to make it bold on a Tshirt for you to remember! Stay tuned, we know the truth, and it is setting us FREE every day!

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