About Us

LISTEN TO THE TRUTH is a Christian T shirt company with a message. John 8:32 & Luke 6:46 are our foundation scriptures. We believe that God is always talking, if we just shh…and listen. There are so many voices out in the world today. We want to assist in narrowing those voices down to what we know to be the truth from the Bible using simple messages in print on various T shirts  as a reminder that no matter what the topic was and is…THERE IS A TRUTH, AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO LISTEN, IT WILL ABSOLUTELY SET YOU FREE! 

We aim to roll out themed message T Shirts based on various topics from LOVE, FAITH to any other topic that we are led to share with the world. We intend to share these messages so we can fully understand that God has answers for all our concerns, and there are concrete answers on managing, fighting and coming out on TOP regarding any of our daily frustrations.

It is our belief that despite the many life challenges we all go through, there is a way to navigate our lives even in those times…both good and bad…, and we are excited to be a part of the solution. We will be here together to remind us all-  that the powerful, beautiful vessels called human beings are triumphant, and we have God powered solutions. 

Come on this journey with us!

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